Brake Buddy

How It All Began There was a lady who had gotten up out of bed and into her wheelchair one morning to go to the bathroom. Upon entering the bathroom, she got out of her wheelchair, forgetting to set the brake. The chair rolled backward, leaving this poor woman lying on the floor, stranded and unable to move for three hours before someone found her. Sheldon (The inventor) heard of this incident and immediately put his brain to work on the idea of a back-up brake for a wheelchair, which was created shortly after. The incident was one of many. According to the America Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, in 1996 there were 323,000 hospitalizations due to hip fractures. Lodi Memorial Hospital in California alone, reported 50 hip replacements in 2004, each costing approximately $115,000. The man behind the business Bob Williams has been in the industry for 32 years Opened Specialty Services 10 years ago Our company modifies vehicles and homes for the disabled. Many modifications require fabricating, which led to the idea of manufacturing mobility products.